Neurofeedback Therapy – A Treatment For The Brain Dysregulation


A direct training of the efficient functioning of the brain, Neurofeedback therapy or treatment is a technique that gives the user the actual or realtime feedback of the brain performance. The activity is measured by sensors on the scalp, or it can be audio vibration and even visual displays. It applies to any aspect of the brain function that can be measured; hence it is a gradual learning process. It is training in self regulation. Also called neurotherapy, neurobiofeedback or EEG biofeedback (EEGBF), this technique provides real time information to the central nervous system (CNS). Some researchers believe that Neurofeedback training is well understood on the basis of classical conditioning and the operant, where in the brain activity changes according to the direction of the trainer which results in positive feedback. Self regulation is important for the good functioning of the brain.

Dysregulation is the problem that is dealt under Neurofeedback therapy. These may include attention deficits, anxiety-depression spectrum, substance abuse, epilepsy, emotional and behavioral disorders, migraines, headaches and various sleep disorders.

With time, much advancement has been made in this form of training therapy. Certain training protocols have been developed to deal with certain classes of problems such as seizures, migraines, anxiety and depression as well as cognitive function. There are number of assessment tools that help the doctors to decide which protocols to be used. These are neurodiagnostic and neuropsychological tests.

There are other non-linear dynamical control processes and joint frequency analyses to understand the Neurofeedback training process. These approaches understand the functioning of the CNS in a more comprehensive manner.

Neurofeedback cannot be called as a cure to the brain function problem. It can be used to make the brain function better rather than curing the condition. But it can be a complete remedy for Dysregulation problems although again cure would not be the right word to say.

EEG Biofeedback training is meant to have a lasting impact on Dysregulation problem. It helps the brain to learn and this learning, if it brings out the disorder, can really facilitate the brain to use its capabilities. Things work out differently in cases where the mind is not functioning regularly. In cases like autism spectrum, training needs to be continued for some more time. A poor digestive system can pose a problem for patients or children living in a toxic environment (physical or psychological), as they find it difficult to retain the function.

With the increasing improvements in medical technology, the success rate of EEG Biofeedback or Neurofeedback training has increased by par. If success is not achieved, the reason for this, need to be pursued. Our brains are made for learning and skill-acquisition.

A typical therapy takes 20-40 sessions and in one session there is about 90 minutes of the questionnaire given to the patient which specifies the complaints and filters out people with serious psychological problems.

Source by daniel rayfield