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Prior to 2015, the Chicago Cubs have been the laughing stock of Major League Baseball. After overcoming multiple obstacles, they managed to silence their critics by ending their 108-year title drought.

Knowing that the Chicago Cubs are champions of baseball is a great feeling. Countless years of frustration, tears, etc. are out the window as they enter 2017 with a target on their backs. Yes, that target may be huge but they have what it takes to do it all over again.

In fact, this club is built to contend for the next 10-plus years pending any serious injuries. I’m going to knock on wood for that one. Now, for those of you who don’t know, the Super Bowl is this weekend.

On one side of the field, you have Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. No doubt, one of the greatest teams to take the field dating back to 2001 when Brady took over the show. So, their fans, like those who root for the Yankees, are spoiled.

Championship after championship, Brady, and head coach Bill Belichick continue to make their opponents lives miserable. Like countless teams that the Cubs went up against over the years.

And for that reason, I’m not reaching out to Patriots fans. This article, as mentioned in the title, is directed towards Atlanta Falcons fans. Listen, I understand you guys have yet to win a championship since this team was introduced back in 1966.

Just breathe..

Having two NFC titles in your back pocket, only to fall short against John Elway and now you’re up against Brady on Sunday. First off, it’s perfectly normal to be nervous. Enjoy this ride, sit back and watch your team do what they do best.

I mean, honestly, Atlanta has the hottest offense in professional football, putting up 540 points during the regular season. Which coincidentally, tied the 2000 St. Louis Rams aka the Greatest Show on Turf.

Who did they lose to in the Super Bowl that year? You guessed it, a baby-faced Tom Brady and his New England Patriots. However, that doesn’t mean history is going to repeat itself. Look at your offensive roster, not to mention, a defense that swallowed up the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game.

Despite barely reaching the playoffs, Aaron Rodgers, and those no good Packers are far from pushovers. So manhandling them the way that Atlanta did was a sign that they are not to be messed with.

Like our Cubs, you guys have a team stacked with young, talented players to go along with a mix of seasoned veterans. Atlanta has the opportunity to contend for awhile.


Something that you guys should or at least know heading into Sunday’s showdown. When looking at Matt Ryan, I can’t help but think of Anthony Rizzo. Two veteran players who have been the cornerstone of their organizations, suffering through the ups and downs.

Now, Julio Jones is somewhere along the lines of Kris Bryant. Except, Ryan (Rizzo in this case), is the MVP rather than (Bryant) Jones. Like Game 7 of the World Series, Sunday is something you guys have dreamed of since 1998.

Having another shot at finally winning your first championship in franchise history, all while taking down a powerhouse. Although your title drought is nowhere near Chicago’s previous mark, most of us Cubs’ fans, me especially, will be pulling for you this weekend.

That’s coming from a die-hard Chicago Bears fan and someone who is friends with the brother of a Patriots defensive end. Best of luck this weekend, and hopefully, the evening ends with you all celebrating.

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