Divorce Stories You Wouldn’t Believe


When people talk about divorce you often hear the bad side about how people suffered and what a horrible ordeal it was. However, not all divorces are this way and some often go smoothly and in the end everyone is satisfied with how things to turned out. It is important to keep in mind that when you hear the horrible divorce stories. There are a number of good ones that you just don’t hear as often. People often like to talk and think about the bad things that happen instead of the good.

The common stories that people tell about their divorce is how long and gruelling the process was. Things are often made worse when children are involved. Below is a story of divorce in which there were no children but still the process was long and hard.

* The couple had been married for twenty five years and had not had any children. It would seem that the process would go quickly, however this was not the case at all. The problem with this situation was that the husband had been unfaithful to the marriage and he was also a millionaire. At the beginning of the divorce the husband was worth over three million dollars. During the divorce process the husband was ordered to pay his estranged wife over one hundred thousand dollars in alimony. It was also decided that the husband would have to give the house, its furnishings and the car to his wife. The wife on the other hand had moved in with another man but was declared unfit to work by her doctor so it was ordered that she receive one thousand dollars a month from her husband. In the end, the husband was forced to declare bankruptcy because he was paying his wife more than half of his monthly income. This is one of the many horror stories that you hear about.

When children are involved things become even more complicated. Parents who decide to divorce never set out to put the children in the middle but in most cases, their hatred for each other gets in the way.  Below is a story that involves children and parents who become involved in a legal tangle.

* This story involves a couple who were in a common law relationship. In most states, it is understood that a couple living together and sharing their lives together for longer than six months are legally considered married. However, in New Jersey there is a not common law marriage observed. In 1996 a father of two children decided to transfer the contents of his joint bank account into his own name, leaving his “wife” who was disabled with nothing. It was during this time husband refused to let his wife have access to the home that they acquired together. During the legal process the husband began creating stories about the wife that would make her seem unfit to care for the children and in the end she would get nothing. Unfortunately, since there is no common law in this state there was nothing that the wife could do to prove that the money in the account was theirs and not his. The husband had the legal right to take everything that was in the account.

Source by Ling Tong


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