Do You Do You Wake Up on Mornings Feeling Cranky With Little Or No Energy? Your Cells Could Be Crying Out


Picture this Scenario..

You have bought, for yourself, the brand new vehicle of your dreams. You are ecstatic about this new expensive dream machine, which you drive, wash and clean everyday. You dream has come true! …but in all of your excitement and fanfare you neglect to read the manual, to lift the hood and learn the parts and function of your most priced possession.

Then, one day while you are merrily on you way in your dream machine, you hear a cranked up noise and, suddenly, the vehicle stops. No matter what you do it just would not start. You call the dealers and they send someone to aid you out and what do they find?… a dry and starved engine. THERE IS NO OIL!

By this time you are kicking yourself, feeling very embarrassed about your stupidity, you just cannot believe how close you have come to if not having already damaged your expensive dream machine.

Good Nutrition and Good Health Begin at the Cellular Level.

This is similar to what is happening to your body (your dream machine) on mornings when you wake up. You give it frequent baths, nice perfumes, outlandish hairdos and a mask of makeup but forget to check the inside. You are getting up every day going about you business, as usual, working and burning yourself out without refueling your engine (your cells).

No wonder you are feeling cranky and low on energy when you wake up on mornings, not being aware that, as a result, you stand to create all kinds of sicknesses and diseases in your body because of its inability to fight the stresses and pressures of everyday life; then your find that your immune system is low, you cholesterol level is high diabetes steps in and hypertension is on the rise not to mention the development of cancer cells.

There is very little or no oil to lubricate your engine (cells) parts to enable its proper function for optimal health.

The dictionary says that a cell is a microscopic unit of living matter, with one center of activity (nucleus) that can perform all the life functions.
(1) Nucleus is the central part around which something collects or from which something grows; the core.
(2) The part of a plant or animal cell that controls its development.

All plants and animals are made up of cells and that includes you and me.

This is a Global Crisis.

Our bodies are made of trillions of cells and these cells need oils to function properly. Studies show that the main cause of chronic fatigue is the lack of these crucial oils for energy and vitality.

Optimal Nutrition at the Cellular Level.

Now you know why you could be feeling tired and cranky on mornings when you wake up! You need cellular food.

Because we are what we eat, this crucial part of us is missing. In reality most of us have turned our healthy food pyramid upside down. We eat too much of the wrong stuff and not enough of the right stuff.

I use to be just like that but I found a way to help my body function properly. Now there is no more crankiness nor no more feeling low on energy when I wake in the morning. I literally hop out of bed and I am so full of energy that I now enjoy taking long walks on mornings before I go to work.

Oil and Energize your Cells.

Give your body the same respect and due care that you would give to your dream vehicle. It is the only body that you would ever have.

Source by Juanita Roach


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