Earth Is in the Heart of Humanity – Have a Heart Booming View of What Is Good for You


Hearken your heart- Do what brings you peace- Rejoice in knowing that your planet and mine will support us as long as it feels respected and supported. Folks, as you and me know there is a happy, heart-pounding, holiday coming up February 14. Are you ready? February 14 is the day we publicly declare and decree our love and affection for others by the gifting of flowers, diamonds, chocolates or sweets that most people appreciate receiving openly. So where am I going on this tangent, well, I first want to reflect on the heart of everything.

As I began, this article, I penned that earth/heart are connected, not just by using all of the same letters to spell each word respectively. These two different words using the same letters, though arranged differently are not as distinct as one would first perceive. Though you can make the connection of their importance to you, me and everybody else that is alive.

Keep your mind focused on keeping yourself and others happy, safe and content with heartfelt love while living on planet: EARTH. Rejoice by lending your words or your voice to be heard as a planet-loving advocate! The heartfelt day of celebration is one of the most appropriate, loving celebrations we can use to express an open invitation to model planetary consciousness and good behavior.

Passion for the health and condition of your planet is essential. It’s the heart of life for humanity and it’s HEALTHY, pulsing BOOM, BOOM, BOOMING HEART RATE loves to be SHOWN LOVE and appreciation on Valentine’s Day celebrations and festivities- just the same as you and me!

Who ever said that showing affection for a person, cause of action should only be done on one day of the year? NOT ME, my dear! You can show affection for any cause or person you choose to mention, especially if it makes your heart happy and joyful. Make your heart happy more often, and live to consciously uplift yourself and others. Make your life choices matter more, focus on faith, fairness and respect for others. Choose to live in balance that invites universally beneficial practices and habits. Make your celebrations days and causes multi-dimensional- celebrate more than just birthdays on your birthday-celebrate Arbor Day or anything that is globally heartfelt!

Life is time spent learning, teaching, and communing with others, also acknowledge the importance of breathing clean air and appreciating clean water. Not everyone has access to clean water. Some people must travel miles, for clean drinking water, while holding large water receptacles on their heads. Please remember this Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day by having appreciation, by doing all that you are capable of doing for another’s betterment, while living on the planet: Earth. If you are able to donate time, effort or funds for aiding other people in-need or offer professional services and resources, please do it! Cut back or minimize your carbon foot print. Call people earth-loving — especially if we all acknowledge that showing affection to the Universe/Earth is paramount for our survival -Every man’s health is important FOR ALL Universal heart health to be in balance. Together we are ONE! There is power in emotional synergy in our heart actions and deeds.

If you are not aware of whom you should show your affection to this Valentine’s Day, I’ll enlighten you! Show it to the heart of ALL existence; EARTH! The beautiful rolling hills, the daffodils, the many animals, insects, rivers, streams, continents with all of their people and contents, oceans, peninsula’s, forests, trees and you get the picture LOUD AND CLEAR, by now. Find these living things ESSENTIAL FOR LIFE, beautiful, remarkable and Universal TO all that inhabit the planet. The Earth belongs both to everyone, yet exclusively to nobody.

Earth is the sweetheart above all other planets. Until Mars helps ease the burden that the actions of humanity has caused our sweetheart to be a broken-hearted planet. The sadness and strife of our words and actions has really caused our sweet planet to have ill-fated hiccups. Earth is coughing and being distressed way more than it’s supposed to expect.

Lift the vibration on the planet and on our nation by giving strife and animosity a vacation at least on the HEART/EARTH Day celebration. We anxiously await the vibrations and frequency of our love and leniency towards the planet and our fellow man on February 14. VALENTINE’S DAY is a day of dedication, for our sweetheart of any type, or of our own choice! Did you know that emotions are always traveling? Do your own research, you’ll be amazed or awakened by the power of emotive energy. Learn about emotional frequency, how if compounded collectively, can make a change on the trajectory of just about anything. I’ll save that introduction for another article. In the meantime, have a heart-filled day be encouraged or encouraging in the works that you do,or in the words that you say. May your words uplift your Universe/Earth in Pulsating, BOOMING and Amazing ways! Have a heart-booming view of what is good for you! Joy and happiness are contagious, share your joyful expression daily!~ Any form of emotive energy you choose to release will come back in a field of synergy and felt in your atmosphere. There is power and joy to be attained in emotional synergy through our heart actions and deeds. Wishing you a happy life and good cheer!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune


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