How Men Should Dress to Attract Women


Are you single and just not sure what to wear, how to wear it, and what women are attracted to ?  Well many men are in this boat.  Indeed what you wear and how you wear it is a big factor in how women see you and how they’re attracted to you.

Misconception.  You dress nice as a man and you’re considered femme.  No.  There’s a way to dress nice and not be Femme.  It’s a manly term women like to use and it’s called SHARP !  You ever hear women say “wow he looks sharp today” ? Usually their eyes are wide and they are very upbeat when saying ” wow he looks sharp today “

Looking sharp or not looking sharp can make or break women being interested in you and yes even them making the first move and starting a conversation with you.

Them complimenting your shirt, shoes, sport coat, hair cut, or even the cologne fragrance you’re wearing can be enough to start a conversation.  A conversation that can lead to a phone number and a phone number that can turn into a date !

So how do you get started.  Well it’s easier than you might think and in this article I’m going to make it really really easy for you.

First be willing to change.  Be willing to let go of your way of dress for a moment. Be willing to change your hair style as well if need be.  Yes, I know. However, I’ve seen guys that have the package near complete but unwilling to accept the fact their going bald and to just let it go and shave it off, or let their crew cut grow a bit, or to cut their stringy long hair a bit, or shave their mustache.  All of these changes are huge when changing your way of dress.  Without these changes your transformation will be incomplete.

The next thing is buy some high fashion men’s magazines. Learn styles, brands, and what looks good and what doesn’t.  DON’T pay attention to the prices of these clothes shared in these magazines. Once you find clothing styles you like hit the malls, discount retailers, and thrift shops.  Yes I did say also thrift shops.  When going to thrift stores I go to ones that are in or near wealthy neighborhoods.  Rich people donate clothes too.  Many times clohes never worn before with tags still on them !  Items I normally get in these thrift stores are really high end sport coats, ties, etc.  When I say high end I’m really meaning high end !  Sport Coats that would normally cost $700.00 only costing $20.00 bucks. A tie that would normally cost $150.00 costing only $10.00 bucks.  It’s always impressive when a young lady says “wow nice coat. What kind is it?” and you reply with the name of a impressive Italian designer that everyone knows is expensive ! Remember this, the more poor the neighborhood is the less quality of merchandise they will have.  The richer the neighborhood, the better the quality, and named brands.  This was truly one of the only ways I and others could ever dream of owning a $700.00 sport coat. It makes you feel and look ELITE !  Women notice too !

As far as malls and discount retailers ?  I normally do a comparison before buying. I see if what I like at the mall (shirt for $60) is carried at the discount store for $19.95. When I say the same shirt I mean the same shirt. Same name brand, same everything. This takes a bit of work but is worth it in the end money wise.  Lets face it we aren’t all rich and can’t afford whatever we want, but we can sure dress like we can if we put our minds to it !

Men, this is a great start for you. For more in depth information regarding this and other tips and tricks for men to attract women go to

Thanks for your time !

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