Team National – Don’t Join Until You Consider These 3 Factors


Team National is creating a bit of a stir. Odds are, if you are reading this right now, you are considering starting a home business with Team National. In an Amway-like fashion, you were probably invited to a hotel meeting or over to someone’s home to view a simple 3-step presentation about how the Team National business opportunity can change your life. Here are 3 things to consider before you join.

#1- Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Must Become Strong. Like any business venture, you must become deeply, almost intuitively, entrepreneurial. Fortunately, Team National has industry-renown speakers and trainers to bolster your knowledge and enthusiasm. If you are timid or unsure about being an entrepreneur, it is unlikely that Team National is a match for you.

#2- Your People Skills Must Become Top Notch. Because Team National does not allow internet advertising or traditional marketing techniques, you must recruit solely through your personal connections and sphere of influence. Again, Team National provides training on how to sharpen your personality. If you feel uncomfortable recruiting friends and family, or if you nervous about approaching them again this year with a different opportunity (aka Team National), it is unlikely that Team National is a match for you.

#3- Understand the Payplan Before Joining. In short, Team National’s payplan is called a binary, and requires that you have two legs that produce simultaneously. It can get a bit complex. In many (most?) cases, you recruit one person who does well but his leg grows and the other leg (without him) does not grow, and your paycheck does not grow unless both legs are growing. It is possible to make the payplan work, just be sure you know you must recruit good people on BOTH sides of you, or you will be frustrated.

To close, I have relatives involved with Team National, and I have noticed a distinctly positive change in their outlook and personalities since starting their business. Thus, I recommend Team National for the strong personal development culture it promotes. However, I personally have chosen not to get involved simply due to the ‘friends and family’ paradigm which is required.

Source by Mark Hoverson


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