The Legends of Four Leaves Clover


It is very lucky for a person to find a four-leaf clover, because it is very rare. In about ten thousand clovers, there may be a four-leaf clover. In japan, people think a four leaves clover represents for happiness. However, there are many legends of it. Let us take a look at them one by one.

Legend One:

The legend goes that when Eve had to leave paradise, she took a four-leaf clover along for Good Luck. The language of this flower is happiness. An ordinary clover has three leaves. It is hard to find a four-leaf one. Thus, the four leaves clover contains the meanings of being happy and blessed by God.

Legend Two:

It is also said that the name “clover” was firstly named by Napoleon. One time, he was walking through the prairie with the soldiers and found a four-leaf clover. He felt it strange and bent over to pick off the flower, just avoiding the bullet which was supposed to shoot him, so he called it a lucky flower. Four-leaf clovers have spread internationally and been recognized as a symbol of luck. Its four leaves separately represent for love, health, honor and wealth. It will bring you good luck, including in the shape of lucky charms.

Legend Three:

There used to be a couple who really loved each other and lived together in a beautiful peach orchard. One day, they had a fight because of a very small issue and didn’t compromise to each other. Finally, Venus could not let this bad situation continue. She went to the peach orchard and lied that there would be a huge difficulty for each of them; they could save each other only by finding a four-leaf clover which was in the deepest place of the peach orchard. They pretended not hearing, but were very worried about each other. They secretly searched the clover for each other in a heavily raining night. When they knew that they cared so much about each other, they were deeply moved and decided to make the four leaves lover to be the witness of their love.

Legend Four:

In Irish folklore, a four-leaf clover can bring good luck; and it is Ireland’s most famous national symbol. In a traditional Irish wedding, the bride’s bouquet must contain four-leaf clovers. It is considered to be a third person in a wedding.

Legend Five:

It is said that the wish of clover was first originated in Europe, especially Britain and Ireland. Today, the flower has become a folk tradition in Western countries. Children find four-leaf clover happily in the grassland; and on every St. Patrick’s Day, people will wear green clothing and parade with the lucky flowers’ decorations.

There still are many other legends we haven’t found about four leaves clovers, but we do believe that they can bring good luck and happiness to us. It’s a good wish for all the people.

Source by Patricia E. Klem


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